Benefits of Surveillance SOA

March 21st, 2019

Surveillance SOA-otherwise known as a service-oriented architecture-can help achieve more of a convergence between devices that are being used in business. It is no longer just the merging of different types of media on shared networks; rather, this technology is being operated through just one communication system, and the following are several reasons why making video surveillance systems oriented will help you in New York.

Obtain Interconnectivity

A surveillance SOA allows your regular surveillance system components to communicate and share data once everything is registered into the system. It automatically understands how to do this, and the overall foundation for communication will remain the same even when different vendors are using it in different ways.

Validate Users

Cloud-based approaches are very common when it comes to video surveillance; however, access to the surveillance system may slow down considerably. When you utilize surveillance SOA, however, you can more easily validate the users that are trying to gain access to the surveillance and better establish connections for all the devices to be linked to the video surveillance system. 

Connect with Video-Related Apps

Another big benefit to surveillance SOA comes with integrating your video surveillance with your video analytics, your point of sale (POS) systems, and even your loss prevention (LP) systems. Having this improved connectivity and interaction allows your business to increase their systems and merge everything together into one shared device for convenience and ease of use. All the information you would need will be available on the one shared service.

Other Opportunities with Surveillance SOA

While many businesses in New York love to be able to monitor everything with their video surveillance system, many of them also want the chance to manipulate different areas of the business-rather than just sit and watch.

With a surveillance SOA system, a business can effectively use its video surveillance for marketing purposes and creating improved customer and employee experiences. They will gain information regarding different traffic patterns and when certain areas of the business may become too congested and need improvement. 

Being able to view and get a better grasp on these pattern and different trends will allow them to fix any problems that exist and share this useful information with others in the business including employees and customers through different applications and mobile devices. 

Having the ability to communicate and manage interfaces with different devices, platforms, and applications on a network can help benefit security. It is enabling a more direct service-to-service communication strategy with more open interactions with applications that aren't necessarily always security related. You can remove your point to point integrations between your access control and IP cameras and enable more of the individual components. 

Video has significant pull when it comes to security system convergence and when we take the time to begin planning our future and understanding the role of interconnectivity and modularity for these service-oriented frameworks, we are boosting the security and surveillance of our business while we grow in a more positive and hopeful direction in New York, NY.