The Many Ways Retail Surveillance Cameras Catch Criminals

July 25th, 2019

Retail surveillance systems are not just beneficial for protecting your store, they can also help foster a safe community. There have been several incidents where retail surveillance footage was used by law enforcement to correctly identify criminals and respond to threats. When designing your retail surveillance system, it’s important to understand all the ways that your system can catch criminals.

Surveillance Systems Protect Your Business

The most common way that surveillance systems help catch criminals is inside your store. As a retail business, you are a target for a variety of criminals including shoplifters, burglars, and armed robbers. Surveillance systems help deter these crimes because criminals do not want to get caught and they know if you have a surveillance system, they will be. However, there are the occasional bold criminal that will not care about the presence of cameras. In those scenarios, surveillance cameras will help your security team respond immediately to any threat. The footage will also help law enforcement identify and prosecute criminals.

Surveillance Cameras Support Public Safety

Retail businesses are almost always located in areas with high foot traffic. The more people in an area, the more likely there will be incidents of crime. However, just like with the inside of your store, the presence of security cameras will help deter criminals outside of your store. The presence of surveillance systems also create a sense of security for the average person. Knowing that there are security cameras, shoppers will have the confidence to not only visit the area, but spend their money. Placing your cameras in view of people walking by can help improve the safety of your shopping district, increasing foot traffic and growing your business.

Provide Law Enforcement With Evidence

Another important way that retail surveillance helps catch criminals is by providing police with evidence they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get. A really important example was during the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was the footage captured by the surveillance system at Lord & Taylor, a retail store located near the incident that was used by the police to identify, pursue, and catch the criminals. It was in just a few short hours after the bombing that the footage was released. Without the support of retail security, who knows what could have happened. 

Advanced Security Technology Is The Key

The ability for retail surveillance cameras to help catch criminals both in their stores and in their communities is because of the advancement of security technology. Surveillance cameras now have things like facial and object recognition software, high definition resolution images, and redundant backup recording. These sophisticated technologies are able to provide law enforcement the tools they need to catch criminals. The best part about these technologies is they are affordable enough for even the smallest retail business.

If you’d like your retail security system to protect both your business and your community, Signature Security can help. Our professional security technicians can help design an affordable, technologically advanced surveillance system that can do it all. Give us a call for a free estimate and to learn more.