Take Care And Stay Safe On Your Vacation

August 27th, 2019

Taking a long vacation can be a great way to enjoy a week off and spend some time at the beach, explore an old city, or set up camp in the majestic American wilderness.  However, it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you keep worrying about all the belongings you left back in New York, NY, and if you come back to find your door broken and your things missing it makes the relief of a long vacation vanish in a second.  If you want to keep your home safe and not worry about it later, it’s important to start early.

Prepare Before You Go

  • Make sure you ask someone to watch over your New York, NY home while you’re away.  This could be a trusted friend or a family member.  They can make sure everything looks okay, feed and water any pets you have, bring in the mail, and even mow the lawn if you’ll be away for more than a week.

  • Double-check that you lock every door and window in your home, including the doors for your garage and the windows on the second floor. If you have a security system, remember to arm the alarm and tell your house sitter the code.
  • Clean up your yard before you go. Even if the items aren’t valuable, a neighbor might steal them and an opportunistic burglar might use them to break into your home.

Keep An Eye Out At The Station Or Airport

  • When you’re going through airport security, put your laptop, purse, wallet, and jewelry at the back end of the things you send through the x-ray scanner. That way they don’t stand unattended for long as you move through the personal scanner.

  • Consider making friends with a fellow traveler if you’re vacationing on your own. That way you have someone who can watch your belongings when you go to the bathroom and you can do the same for them.
  • When you put your carryon bag in an overhead bin, choose the one across from you instead of the one above you. This way you can see if anyone tries to get into your bag without having to lean over or make a guess.

Stay Safe On Vacation

  • Don’t share vacation photos or update your status until after you get back from your vacation. Burglars can track that information by finding your accounts or those of your friends.

  • Make sure the people back home know where you’re going and where you’ll be so you can contact each other in emergencies.
  • Stay cash light and keep your cards and passport in different pockets or money pouches.

Security is important when you want to have a stress-free vacation, and that means keeping your home safe after you leave and keeping your belongings safe as you travel.  For home security, you should consider upgrading from basic deadbolts and window latches to a comprehensive system that includes electronic locks, surveillance cameras, and a burglar alarm.  If you live in New York, NY, contact Signature Security to learn more.