Why Opt For An Offline Security System

January 23rd, 2019

Why Opt For An Offline Security System 

With the advent of modern technology, life is typically much easier than it was even 10 or 15 years ago. Shopping or researching on a smartphone, getting lost and using a GPS to tell you how to get home simply, even setting the slow cooker to start dinner using your smartphone from work – the internet has made convenience a simple aspect of everyday life. However, internet connectivity can be unpredictable, and there are some things that can’t be given up should your connection go down. 

Your home security cannot be compromised by a storm, poor service, or construction crews hitting a power line. While connected security systems are the overwhelming majority in today’s day and age, they’re not the only option.

Offline Security Systems For Any Home 

Offline security systems have a bevy of benefits. A few of these specific benefits include: 

  • They’re comparatively inexpensive – Offline security systems use less complex technologies when compared to their high-tech online counterparts, which often makes them more affordable. Motion activated lights, heavy door deadbolts, and other off-line options cost a fraction of the price of a full wireless security system, and they may not even require installation fees or monthly subscription costs. 
  • They’re always working – When a large storm hits, the wind blows too hard, or anything causes your internet to go out or your power to go down, these off-line security options don’t stop working. There is no disruption in their function, and you can continue to feel safe even when you feel less connected to the outside world. 
  • They really work – Your offline alarm will still sound if its not connected, your motion lights will still turn out. These tried and tested security measures purely work, and they continue to work no matter the conditions they might be in. In these instances, you don’t always need to have the latest and most complex technologies to provide your home with security that does its job. Making it known you have these security options installed at your home will still deter criminals from carrying out their actions like a high tech security camera would. 

Offline And Online Working Together 

Offline security options don’t need to work alone, and they won’t be less effective when paired right along with high-tech solutions. A person can have a motion detecting light, door and window alarms, and deadbolts all offline, while a high-tech security camera is rolling at the same time and neither will worse off for it. Using this sort of layered security strategy ensures that your home is amply protected, and remains this way whether connectivity is cooperating or not. 

For those that only have high-tech connected solutions, thinking about offline security is never a bad idea. Because they work so well together, it can provide additional peace of mind in any condition. With your offline options working alongside your online options, you’re giving your home the best of both worlds in terms of keeping you and your family safe.